*Court Appearance  – $95.00
If you have already filed your case, and need us to appear in court on your behalf the fee will be $95.00.  All court fees must have been paid in advance.

*Failure to Pay – $115.00
For new court cases. This fee includes court costs for 1/tenant and 1 court appearance
$15.00 for each additional tenant

*Re-appearance Fee – $135.00
Follow-up Escrow or Continuance

*Warrant of Restitution – $115.00
Fee to process and the Court costs are included

*Scheduling/Post/Notices – $115.00
Call sherriff department to schedule the eviction
Post required notices on door and mail required notices.

*Meeting Sheriff – $175.00
Arrive at property 15min before the eviction.  Review documents with Sheriff to show proof of proper notice. Complete walk through with Sheriff.  Work with locksmith to ensure the unit it properly secured.

*Locksmith  – $125.00 – plus $35/knob replaced, plus $50-drill off fee if you do not have a key
Price includes gaining entry to the home.  Price to add new locks is $35 per knob. Vanity locks with be replaced with standard locks.  Job of locksmith at eviction is to ensure the unit it properly secured.